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Carolien is a versatile and talented individual with a strong passion for fashion, styling, and art. Her background in fashion school and her work experience in the fashion industry have provided her with a solid foundation in the creative field. The fact that she also works as a Creative Counselor, using her knowledge and creativity to advise others, demonstrates her versatility and willingness to share her passion and expertise. Her interest in taxidermy, particularly the preparation of butterflies and insects, is an intriguing hobby that she has elevated to an art form. The fact that she brings the beauty and vulnerability of butterflies to life in her artworks speaks to her artistic vision and her ability to add profound meaning to her creations. The spiritual aspect of her work with butterflies, where she considers them as symbols of change, freedom, love, and transformation, is an interesting dimension. The idea that she brings the story of butterflies to life and represents their spiritual quality gives her work a deeper meaning and can resonate with those who value symbolism and spirituality. The fact that Carolien also takes on commissioned work and art and design projects for various clients and institutions highlights her professionalism and her ability to adapt her creative talents to diverse situations and needs. In summary, Carolien appears to be an exceptionally talented and passionate individual who expresses her love for fashion, styling, and art in various ways, achieving both personal satisfaction and professional success.

Treasures Art Gallery

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Treasures Art Gallery

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